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I've had Kelsey on my TDL for a while and decided it was time to stop bye and take her off it. I'm usually into girls that are 25 plus but i decided to make an exception for her. Setting up the appointment was easy, unfortunately I got lost and couldn't find her location and when I did I was 10 min late :(. Now when I'm into the GFE and when I see someone for the first time I usually always book a hh no matter how well reviewed she is. Its kinda tough for a GFE experience in a hh especially when ur late. Anyway I find the hotel with the help of my GPS (Kelsey was guiding me in on the phone lol) and went right up to her room and was pleasantly surprised with her look and was very happy. Anyway I rushed a little cause I was late and im not a dick so I tried to leave on time and did. The girl loves to kiss and is good at it and was a great choice for a GFE and I was regretting my decision to book a hh. Anyway if u like petite laid back spinners give this girl a spin you wont regret it.

Location: 8 Lots of free parking close to the highway.
Fun time : 8 Would have been better if I didn't rush her lol
Look: 8 I'm not much into spinners but I wasn't disappointed
Attitude: 10 couldn't have been better
Repeat: I'd see her again, but for an hr i heard she gives great massages.

JB -


Kelsey Star. Starstruck, a first timers perspective

I am new to the hobby, a latecomer so to speak. Curiosity had me checking Backpage and escort ads for several months before I decided it was time to put my money where my mouse was... I started to research reviews of the ladies I was interested in as well as well as etiquette etc.  
Etiquette seemed simple enough and mostly common sense: Show up on time, clean, sober, donation first and don't be an asshat.  
In October I found myself in the GTA for business and Kelsey was less than an hour away in Cambridge. After I checked in to my hotel I texted Kelsey and we agreed on a time. Shower, shave, clean clothes and was on the road. In Cambridge a nice chain hotel one final text gave me the room number, deep breath and here we go.  
I was nervous and felt like a school boy on his way to the principals office as I walked down the long hotel hallway to the room. Would Kelsey look through the peephole and seeing a six foot three, fifty something large nervous man outside simply refuse to open the door? 
I knocked and the door was opened by a very petite, very beautiful young woman, Kelsey in a very sexy short skirt outfit. I was awestruck, introduced myself. I explained it was my first time and how nervous I was. I may have used the words "scared shitless". 
Kelsey did her best to put me at ease. We undressed and Kelsey led me through some DATY, DFK, BBBJ, CG, all awesome. After an intermission with some more kissing, cuddling and a massage Kelsey's magic had me ready for round two. More kissing, DATY, BBBJ, CG and to finish, doggy. Good doggy. Fantastic doggy. 
I still get mileage from the image of Kelsey on the bed on her hands and knees with her cute butt in the air! Everything was relaxed, no rush and Kelsey was very sweet. After a hug and a kiss I was on my way with a smile on my face and a spring in my step! 
Early December brought me back to the GTA and Kelsey was a mere hour away in Oakville. I set a time and was on my way. I was greeted at the door by Kelsey in a really sexy short black dress. Starstruck! 
I was able to relax a little more this time and enjoyed myself even more. I may even have smiled once or twice. Once again Kelsey used her super power to get me ready for a second round, finished again with doggy. Deadly doggy. Had a little more time at the end for extra cuddling and chatting, very relaxed an enjoyable. A nice hug and kiss and I was on the road singing along to The Guess Who's "Star Baby" 
Everything in Kelsey's is truly relaxed, sweet and petite with skills like no other. I hope she will let me through her door again soon! |Sexy nails too! Thank you Kelsey!

Beached -


A petite little GFE experience everything on the list... Some of you might already know her, those who dont should think she is just in town for a private party this weekend? So see her while you can, or not, it would be your loss.... Recommend : yes Repeat : yes... Looks: 9 Body:9 Service: 10 contact is easy...unless she has a client: phone is off Oh and pics are real 100% age...she might be 22/23yrs. Cant say enough about her..thanks to whoever invited her to town... - toydajo
When I arrived, I noticed that the pictures are both of her, and accurate to what she looked like in person. She doesn't show her face in person, but I'd describe it as very babysitter/girl next door type. She has very soft facial features, and don't ask me to describe more guys, because I suck at it! She was very friendly, and didn't rush at all. When I got in, she chatted with me for a bit before we did anything else, and afterwards she also took the time to chat with me casually. I always appreciate that, because when I am looking for a GFE, I want to actually feel like the girl is my girlfriend! A girlfriend doesn't say explicit shit until you're actually doing the do, if at all. This was not a problem at all with Kelsey. 
I won't get into too many details about the main event, other than to say that she offers a true GFE. DFK, LFK, Digits, DATY, BBBJ, MPOS all were done in our time. In the hour, I believe MSOG is available, and I've read that Greek is also available for extra, but I'd consult with her, and don't expect it boys. I don't recall if I asked about COF/COB, but I'll find out next time I see her. Her BBBJ skills are impressive. Not Taya impressive, but still very good. And there is no tighter girl in Durham. Do not start doggie unless you want to be in and out of that room immediately, I'm not kidding. 
Looks: 9.5/10 - Her body is stunning, and is exactly like her pictures, which is much appreciated. Her face makes her seem a little young, which is the only reason she isn't a perfect 10 for the "spinner " type. 
Service: 9/10 - As I mentioned above, she is tight, has skills, and treats you like a king. If you are reading this Kelsey, and if I can make a suggestion, when you greet us at the door, greet us like a girlfriend would: with a kiss. I can't remember if she did, and I usually do remember these things. So if I'm just an idiot, then Kelsey earns a perfect 10/10 from me. If not, then hopefully she will consider doing it. 
Experience: 10/10 - I wanted a spinner, i got a spinner. I got it with no hassle, and for a rate that is extremely competitive (120hh, 200h). I sometimes don't know why I write these positive reviews, because then she will book up faster! Then again, if I want her to come back to Ajax, y'all need to visit her. So guys, do yourself a favour and when she's back in town, see this girl. You will not regret it. 
Repeat: As soon as she is back in Ajax and I have the funds to do so. Seriously, you're a gem Kelsey. 
Okeydokes -
I had met Kelsey very brefly once before, little more than a short introduction, and found her to be very sweet. Others also seemed to really like her, so I decided to make a date with her while I had the courage (I am quite shy). There was a small hiccup at this point. But hey, shit happens, and she was willing to re-book for a slightly later time even though the notice was short.

When I stepped in the door and saw her, it was like she dimmed the lights on my brain. I even forgot to put the tribute somewhere, and she had to ask (sorry). It did seem a bit mechanical, though I blame my shy nature on that. I honestly wish the date could have been longer. As it was, I didn't get to know anything much about her likes, dislikes, kinks, etc. and was only able to gauge how good her personality was when the date was almost over.

I would definitely like to see her again, and if I do, hopefully I can write a better review.
Dabuda -



I told her I like things slow (I had booked an hour), with lots of kissing and holding, and she was happy to provide. She has a different kissing style than what I am used to, but I quite enjoyed it--I'll let you experience that for yourself. Everything I wanted was on the menu, with all the usual acronyms. Amazing DT for someone as small as she is.  Kelsey watched me the whole time when I was performing DATY on her, and that was quite hot--it inspired me to make it a little more visual than I normally would. CG (what a nice view that was), leaning down to kiss me until her arms got tired, then missionary to finish. And, when we were done, Kelsey asked me if I'd like a massage. What man in his right mind could say no to that offer--a pretty, naked woman, wanting to touch me more? Yes please! She was very good at that too!
Bolt.upright -


For some reason, I can't post in Guelph like TFZL1 did, but I saw this little nymphet in Guelph on a road trip on a solo bike ride over the weekend. 
Texting to set up the appointment was a little short and business like, but I've tried a couple times to set up an appointment with her, only to be disappointed by our schedules clashing. Maybe she records these failed attempts and was hesitant. At any rate, I hit pay dirt and got to set up a time. 
Now, I've heard how incredibly young this little starlett looks, so I was prepared. When the door opened, I was just about ready to bolt when I saw this innocent looking half naked, blonde cutie open the door. All I'm hearing is "Dad, get off me, you 're crushing my smokes...." in the back of my mind. Fuckit, I rode all this way and I'm gonna put my big boys pants on and then take them off!!! 
As soon as the door closed, she's right out of her teddy. Holy jesus fucking christ lord almighty. I'm gonna go to jail. I'm relying on my fellow pooners word here that she's been ID'd, so I'm not asking.....I want to, but I'm not gonna...I got my big boy pants on. 
Out of the shower and this little waif is all over me with DFK. She asks, "do you want to suck on my titties?" I was about to tell her about the eye infection my cat has (again). Deep BBBJ was wet and awesome. 69 was clean and tasty with some very suckable labia. 
Into CG for a bit. Get this, as I'm sliding in to her, she says "tight huh?". I guess she could tell I was in heaven from my eyes rolling back. Mish. Side ways mish and finish off in doggie.   
A little hug on the way out and I was a happy camper. Return trips for sure when she's out near the centre of the universe. 
A little standoffish but I think if return trips are made, the reception will be warmer. 
Assmannath -

Kelsey is a sweet young lady and very eager to please. The best part, for me, was that she was right down the street from me (in an upscale Whitby hotel) and I was there in less than ten minutes after confirming that she was available immediately. I paid $200 for the hour--she also has a half hour price ($120) if you're interested. 
I'm very glad that I was able to make it work today, and that I got to meet Kelsey. I hope, next time she is in town, I am able to make it happen again--I would certainly enjoy a second round with this wonderful sexy lady! Thanks for the fun and passion Kelsey! Enjoy your stay in Whitby, and come again often!
Tonight was my first time seeing Kelsey... I'll definitely be back! Super nice, sweet and relaxed. Truly unrushed and skilled. Perfect skin and amazing perky breasts... Can't say enough good things, just check her out.

Mosport8 - sp411

Yesterday was my first time seeing Kelsey. 
Setting up the appointment was a breeze, no delays during text messaging or upon arrival at her location. 
Kelsey is a mature young lady, very bubbly and personable, and an awesome provider. 
No need to describe the details of her services as they have been reported in previous reviews. 
I recommend and will repeat. 

Lickitysplits -
had to pass though the city at 4:30 so instead of fighting tragic I Texted Kelsey, had been thinking of her for a while but I was not in the area. Texted her asked for an hour no problem gave me the address showed up and was blown away when she opened the door, if i had not red the reviews about how young she looked i would have turned away. 
Kelsey asked me how i would like to start and what ever I asked for she did and with a smile. What a pretty face and sexy body. she talks just dirty enough but not slut. Great time and yes i will be back 

Just Crusing -


Decided to see what is the fuss about with Kelsey today, and was not disappointed. Nothing much else to add beyond what was said above - she's a really pretty girl, super nice and very talented at her work :) Definitely hope to see her again. 
Varvat0s -

Just saw her tonight in Guelph. Great BBBJ - she can really go deep. Greek was also on the menu. Be prepared to hold on - she's tight but nice :)

Tomanderson999 -

Sort of strawberry blonde - a bit of a shock when you first see her - she looks v young - this is the only time i've asked for id - she is of age though - 21 on Saturday if memory serves - she doesn't wear makeup which in her case makes her look younger - it is obviously a fantasy she cultivates in her clients - I will leave you to your own thoughts on this - I had a good time and she is very skilled and very tight and have not suffered any abnormal dirty old man attacks of conscience 

Norbert -
I think the best analogy is that it is like fucking the teenage babysitter. I had a great time with her but I have to admit that I did suffer a bit of the dirty old man syndrome after seeing her, and I am only mid thirties. That's the first time that ever happened to me. She does look 16 though so I think it makes some sense. Damn hot she is and I concur that she can suck a cock super deep. Not the deepest I have had though... she couldn't quite get it all and her tongue on to my balls at the same time :)

Bigjohn79 -
Saw her yesterday. The reviews above are bang on. She has good calm personality, has decent bj skills and is a great kisser. Looks freaky young. She calmly showed me her i.d. to prove. Reasonably open menu. Repeat? Definitely.

Itsmerk -
So I had a not so special day at work today and decided I needed a bit of fun after work. I had heard that Kelsey was an excellent card player, and I love playing cards, so I figured that would be a good way to brighten up my day. I let her know that I was looking for a good card game and she said sure, come on over. I was getting hungry so I decided to bring some food over as well, and I got something for her also in case she was hungry. Once I got there we got to playing cards right away. We started off with a quick game of War, got right in each others face, boy was it was fun! But before we finished I realized how hungry I was and dove right into the taco I had brought. As I finished up my delicious taco, Kelsey said that she was really hungry now too, so I gave her the hot dog I had brought for her. She must have been very hungry because she really went to town on that hot dog! Now we were both full, but still eager to play some more cards so we decided a couple of games of cribbage would be in order. She had a board but had lost the pegs. Luckily I had some matches and we used those for pegs. They were a tight fit, which I really like since I don't want those damn pegs falling out. Anyhow, I had so much fun I can't even remember who won the games but like they say, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. And I can tell you, even though she looks so sweet and innocent, Kelsey sure can play a mean game of cards. 

Sdkad1 -
I remember when I set up the appointment, She asked me If I could bring her A Whole Wheat BLT and a Chocolate Latte with a shot of Mint from Timmies cause She said it was "Delish". 
I then Proceeded to see her ID which she gladly did, I told her I felt bad asking but needed to see it, She told me Not to feel bad cause she gets asked a lot and rightfully so, It is the right thing to do when you see an Sp that has a younger look..... It turned out that She is the age that she advertises. 
This girl has a nice personality, She's chatty and has a Elite GFE Service
I have to say that I was very impressed with the way this girl carries about her business and prepares for her session... Amasing Hygiene, She has a kit filled with Condoms and Lube, she provides Fresh towels, Body wash,etc. 
You don't see that kind of preparation from the younger Sp's. 
Service? Well, I Echo, what has been said, Clean, tight and tasty Kitty, Kelsey has a bright future ahead on this Industry.... Keep Up The Good Work Kelsey! 
Looks Spinner type 
Donation 120hh 200hr Dfk,Lfk, Daty and Bbbj included. 
Repeat 4 sure 

Papi69 - sp411

After reading this thread I had to share my 2 cents. 
I've seen Kelsey a few times. Like sdkad1 said, she one heck of a card player. Just thinking about the last time makes me want to pick up my cards and play again with her. 
She's a hot, little, girl next door/babysitter type. 
Last time I saw her, I went for a game of pool. I brought my cue and balls for the game. She greeted me with a sweet smile and a nice kiss. Before we played pool, she decided she would clean my cue. After wiping it off, she very skillfully cleaned it from top to bottom. I like the way she looks up with a smile while she's cleaning your cue. Before we played, I decided I was hungry and she provided a tasty snack. I would have to say it was a sweet and juicy snack. We then decided to play pool. We played on her table which is nice and smooth and she keeps it very clean. I like the way she climbs right on top of the table when she plays. The game was so fun, I forget who won. I just remember how tight the pockets were and how sweet it was driving into them at different angles. 
I look forward to the next game of pool with Kelsey 

Joektown - sp411

My review of Kelsey from about six weeks ago would be that I found her a bit disconnected chemistry wise. If I was going to write a review I would say that it's more of a PSE, like a really good fuckbuddy rather than a GFE. This could just be our connection though, as chemistry between people is important. And while my desire is for a GFE, I would say that Kelsey is gorgeous, has fantastic tits that everyone can enjoy, and is great in bed. 
Add to that the maturity she shows in the business and I think I can say that you cannot go wrong purchasing her services. 

MateoAntonio - sp411
Great review I saw Kelsey today and the last 2 reviews are dead on the money . This girl is my new favorite she is very beautiful a great person . She is gives great bbbj and we enjoyed lots of different positions when having sex . For any of you that have not seen Kelsey yet she is well worth every dollar she has the nices tits I have saw and her whole body is great and her ass is nice and firm . I only had 30mins but will be staying longer next time she does look very young but a 10 in my books for looks and service . Thanks Kelsey you are one sexy girl and my favorite I could look at you all day .

KOSHO - sp411

First post, long time lurker. Kelsey is a sweetheart. I can reiterate all the positive things that were said about her. Cute, amazing body, very nice personality. Happy to have visited her based on all the positive reviews, so thanks gentlemen. And Kelsey, thanks for the great session. I really couldn't get enough of this hottie. Hope to see her again very soon. 
Coolguy815 - SP411


One of my faveorite sp
Jayda123 - SP411

Say her tonight, what a cute young girl and does she ever look young buts that's a plus. She has an amazing body and gave me an awesome experience. This was my first experience using an escort and I must say I will definitely repeat.

Jimmy1427 - sp411


Kelsey was a sweetheart, I would write a review but all has been said quite well. Some have a to do list, I now have a to do again list. 

Jake44 - sp411


Hi I have been with Kelsey and she is a beautiful girl, however would u all consider that amazing! Don't get me wrong she is attractive but if ur into boobs and ass there is not much there. I know I will get a lot of push back on this however I'm opened to feedback.

Damar - sp411


Fist of all, I'd like to second every good review that's been posted about Kelsey. She is truly a keeper))))))  To add a few pointers.... 1: lovely, pleasant, easygoing and pretty 2: made a nice gesture, as I went to turn off my phone, she did the same  3: $200 for the service that was received, I left feeling like a cheap ass for not tipping (had only $200 on me) 4: and last, but not least, her cleanliness makes her very edible )))) 
Thank you Kelsey

Drumzz - sp411

Kelsey is well worth any distance you have to drive to any town. What a sweetheart. The pics in her ad don't do her justice. She is one of the best & St.Catherines is lucky right now. Love the new black outfit in your ad Kelsey 

Norman64 - sp411


OK so holiday responsibilities had me traveling, east of the city, and all my regulars are away. 
I saw I would be passing close to Kelsey, I had seen her once before, and mentioned here that it was a good first encounter. So I thought hell its fate, shes just off the highway, and im traveling home alone. 
I had to be somewhere for a certain time but thought I could squeeze a hh in for ummmm stress relief lol. 
Texted and booked super simple, prompt response. showed up and was given the further details. 
Met by a cute fairly young looking (but not creepily so lol) fresh from the shower. didn't have a ton of time so quick small talk, some fk and over towards the bed. 
Pics as probably everyone knows already are accurate, nice firm breasts, friendly personality, with some giggles. I am always more relaxed on second visits, so fk, turned to bbbj ( great technique and enthusiasm) cute ass in the air required the raincoat be applied, for doggy and spoon, very willing to take direction if asked, very professional. First sog. 
looking at the time was coming close to the half, so said oh hell and extended ( I can blame traffic if im late, damn shoppers lol) 
took a breather for a few minutes, and started up again with bbbj, for the second hh, long story short, happy ending number two, didn't seem to crazy about cim, which was fine those cute breasts made a great target. 
wish she wasn't often so far from me, as I have a mental image of that cute butt in the air that might need to be refreshed sooner rather than 
damage 200 cute with nice young body, see the pics, maybe 21, but would get id'd with out make up lol service very very good and professional, takes direction well, if u ask and don't yank lol repeat for sure, shes officially my back up girl now, and probably would be one of my 3 first stringers if she was more locally available. 
When she hits your town, do yourself a favour and visit, at least for the half, cause she will make sure you have a good time in 30, but I find the hour way more fun, since shes fine with some closeness and a gradual move to #2. ( hey u may not need the time, frankly I do

Scotty - sp411

Finally got the chance to see this lovely young lady earlier today. She's been on my tdl for some time but she's either in the east end or our schedules couldn't link up. She's been positively reviewed already on here so I'll just echo all the good reviews. She's a cute girl with a gnd look to her with a very easy going and laid back attitude. Won't go into all the details however I will say that it was a great time and I definitely will repeat. 120hh/200hr bbbj, dfk, daty, cfs all included. Thanks Kelsey I hope to see you again real soon 

A2Z -sp411
I was lucky enough to spend some time with Kelsey and all I can say is amazing! Her pics are 1000% her and that body, hot damn! She is so sweet and wonderful. She really loves what she does. The sexiest and the fittest body. Cute face. Awesome personality. I was a little nervous at first but that disappeared once we started talking. Just all in all, girlfriend material! I would love to see her again; where ever she is, worth the travel. Kelsey is amazing and skills of a goddess, c'mon guys, let's try to keep her in sauga! She is too sweet to let her go 

Jayjay83 - sp411
Finally after way, way too long...I had my chance to see Kelsey once again. Same beautiful petite natural beauty I remember...same accommodating and truly focused on your pleasure provider...she starts out pleasant and warm like I remember...only to get more intense and take you to edge, dangle you over and finally... 
...let you go and let the waves of pleasure roll over you. 
Fuck, I needed that tonight. I have been saving Kelsey like most save a great bottle of wine.  
Beauty is, for a $120 I can enjoy the same experience again and again...let's hope she keeps visiting Mississauga more regularly. 

HorneyTeddyBear - sp411 

What a great girl!, I can say Kelsey's positive reviews are well deserved.  
Location was great, parking easy, texting easy. 
Greeted by a cute spinner in a pretty dress, Kel was stripped to a pretty green thong in seconds. lol, she wasted no time at all. 
I did a quick clean up, and on to the fun, DFK, bewbs, Daty, bbbj, nice long doggy session, Kelsey is tight, and squeezes real hard when she comes. Prolly the tightest I have ever felt. It was good.  
Little relax and recover, nice conversation, then a really great bbbj, I love her style, unique and very good. She worked it right to the finish, and it was a good one. (the second shot almost hit the headboard, we were both amazed) 
The whole visit was relaxed, sexy and fun. Everything about Kelsey was tops. Clean, sweet, experienced and absolutely enjoyable. 
I don't know if I clicked with her, but something about her sure clicked with me. I really had a blast.  
She was a true professional who knows what she is doing, makes it fun and keeps the ball rolling. Candid, sexy and eager to please. 
Time and location permitting, I will absolutely repeat with Kelsey. She is a "fun sized treat"   
Thanks for the great afternoon Bunny. DF 
90 min 300. 

Bunny IS a a mean cock too.

Digitalfingers -sp411

Yesterday i decided to book Kelsey Star booking was very easy. when she opened the door i was instantly turned on by her sweetness and femininity ma We then get nude and start kissing. I then do DATY and then she does BBBJ. after that we decided to fuck with me on top and engage in some dirty talk while fucking. after a few minutes of fucking both of us cum at the same time. we then do some small talk as i get dressed. before i left. we hugged and kissed like a couple saying good bye to each other and promising to see each other again.

Canada-man - sp411

She is a gem. Saw her a few weeks ago in whity. All is can is ORAL HEAVEN. I think i just ate her pussy for 45 mins in the 1 H Appointment. Can't wait to go back.

Loveandsex - sp411

Here is another lovely pink lady from sp411. I saw the sweet an very sexy little spinner Kelsey today. She does look too young to be doing this. She is the young GND with a dirty hot horny side to her. Nice soft sweet lips an when she wraps them around my dick she just felt soooo good. She has a tight little body an firm perky breasts an hard nipples. I couldn't stop kissing her soft sweet body. Lovely tight pink kitty. " I guess thats why she a PINK lady ". Just spread those lovely legs an go to it. I had to have her finish off in 69 to see her sweet little kitty on my face an her lovely ass. 
She will be here for a week so I know i will be seeing her again an again...

Tri-sum-pussy - sp411 

Had a chance to see this sexy lady today !! Wow .. So sexy !! Best little ass and kitty ..spent some good time down there..  She does look young but that adds to the fire !  Big recommendation fellas !

0435roadster -sp411
I tried her, definitely girl-next-door, I could see what everyone has been saying about her looking young, bbbj was great, lots of different positions, lots of smiles.

Mishman -sp411
I saw Kelsey today, I made arrangements as soon as I saw this sexy sweetheart was coming back to Whitby. 
She is all you mentioned and more. Since I've seen her a number of times and always look forward to seeing her again, I knew just what to expect. I asked in advance for her to wear some sexy lingerie and she greeted me with a new sexy black see-through outfit. With no panties, just the way she knows I love it. 
A great time as always!!   
I'm sorry you Kitchener Cambridge guy's have had her long enough!   
Whitby, and especially Myself are glad to have you back, Princess Kelsey, Sweetest Star!! 

Tflz1 - sp411
DF and TZL1 i could not agree with you more :):) 
All guys may not agree, do to a difference in desires-yet IMO Kelsey Star has titties of perfection (talking about her girls here not the other sp :)   Hell they go along well. with all her other sensuous assets and her plus plus personality 

Morris168 - sp411
Was unable to hook up with Kelsey while she was in Guelph earlier in the week. As luck would have it she moved on to Cambridge which was closer/more convenient for me. To avoid missing out again I pre-booked the day before for hh ($120). After some confirmation text today to make sure all systems were go I was on the road to her hotel. Staying at a nice hotel off the highway.  
Kelsey has a naturally pretty face, nice eyes and smile. I don't think she had any makeup on that I could tell. She does look young as others have mentioned, although that is probably true of many of the SPs compared to my decrepit old monkey skeleton. She was laid back which I liked as we chatted briefly. Just as background, as I was freshening up before my appointment I nicked my head while shaving (one on my shoulders, not the decision making head between my legs). So I had a band aid on my head looking like an idiot. I was about to explain this to Kelsey when I turned around to find her naked and I couldn't think of anything but getting my damn clothes off. So if you even noticed the band aid Kelsey that is why. Her pictures are real, although they don't do her justice when she's next to you naked on the bed. Her boobs seemed a little bigger than her pictures, but maybe that was my own close up view.  
We made out for a bit with some nice DFK. Then some bbbj with nice eye contact which was awesome. I partook in some DATY. From there we went into cfs with some missionary first with some DFK. Kelsey then suggested doggie next and when she stuck that ass up in the air I knew I was done. I did a quick DATO, but I needed get in that pussy again. Doggie was amazing, too much so. My head with the band aid was telling me to slow down but my decision making head was enjoying itself too much. So I finished a bit early but still very satisfied. We chatted a bit and had some laughs when she asked about any restaurants nearby and I said there's probably a Kelseys or similar nearby. I didn't even clue in to what I said until after she laughed. I would (and hopefully will soon) repeat. 
Waterloodude - sp411

I had a wonderful session with Kelsey, have seen her twice already, she looks very young, I checked her id, just to be sure, session was full gfe, with bbbj, lfk, dfk, mpos, damage is 100hh and seems to really enjoy the session. Would definitely recommend.

Capa - sp411


I would agree, I have seen her before and she measures up to her pictures. Very involved and no rush. 

Tried to book her last time she was in my area but didn't get a reply. Next time!

Forsoothy - sp411

Oh what more needs to be said about Kelsey Star 5078. Firstly, this review is like 2 months over due and I've seen her almost 10 times since the beginning of the year.  That being said, Secondly, I want to clarify, the HYPE is REAL and WARRANTED. Shes well known for being amazing and that train doesn't stop here.  Please enjoy this video of her... ass.  Now then, all of that done and over, onto the review and how shes earned a 9.5 out of 10 from me. This is my own personal opinion of course. I will sum up her overall experiences. 
The good (- good = very good) = Young, Sweet, Petite, Tight, handlable (if u get what I mean), and wicked to look at = Can dress to impress, might be extra but worth the success = GFE defined. Total GFE package, the slow moments feel amazing, dont waste this!!!! = Can lead or be lead to please you = BBBJ for the clean and shaven = Variety of positions and skills, all on point = Can walk the walk, but the talk will make you melt = Certified Man Pleaser. = Does Dress up for the return customers = Post meeting are often relaxing conversations and your not rushed out of the door = Toe curling peaks, and smooth and sensual vallies. She does not miss a beat - Cute and petite, perfect for thin girl lovers. Model material.  
The not so good - Rotates locations, but in some peoples opinion too quickly.  - if you want busty, fat assed women, wrong place - can be busy and difficult to reach if shes busy. Book ahead for evenings. - I could her being a touch taller, but thats just me 
The verdict: 9.5/10 Price: $ (worth it, well worth $) Location (hotels/motels, rotating, usually good ones) Overall: Catch her when you can. Shes not for everyone, Not every guy likes them petite. But those who do will be pleased, and looking in their wallets for every nickle, trying not to leave.  Certified Man Pleaser. Thanks for reading 

Scarcrazy - sp411


This was my first time in this hobby, although I have been watching from the sidelines for a while now. It took me a while to read reviews and find someone that would be make me comfortable. Also the amount of secret languages you guys have, took a bit of researching! 
Anyways, I had a great experience today with Kelsey right from booking. It took me a while to actually understand this beautiful petite girl just opened the door and let me in.  But right away, it was super easy to talk too her cause she was just awesome! Her personality is charming and I can see why I'm here now writing about her. I should thank some of the great people from the site as well, I was given some great advice from some of you blues on my first experience, and some of you pinks! Thanks 
I hope to see her again soon!

Madeforyou - sp411

I searched and found this lovely lady from  
Appointment set up was easy. She called back to confirm with the time. I asked about her service but did not pay to much attention, coz i was nervous af. 
The whole process was smooth and easy. Arrived the location on time.  Called her and did not need to wait. 
Open the door, saw a pretty slim girl and she was stunning. She has a perfect body and lovely face. I needed to ask her age before giving donation. 
I was still awkward and nervous af. She tried really hard to ease me up. We processed on bed and she gave the best DFK.  After couple minutes, we moved on to BBBJ. (I did not expect that). She was really good at what she did. 
Lucky me that I met a nice good looking SP. However, my bro did not co-operate. 
We tried couple positions but i did not get a good hard on. I ended up leaving because my bro did not listen to me. 
We chatted more after my embarrassment and i was hoping to see her again. 
Face - 9/10 Body - 10/10 Skill - 9/10 (did not try long enough) Repeat - Hell yeah. I hope she will change her mind for see me next time in the afternoon. Night time is not for me.

Evilperson - sp411

Today I had the pleasure of hooking up with this sexy lil sweetheart, and I'll echo all the great things already said about her!! Truly a great gfe experience, sweet and very layed back and a joy to talk with. One of the best bj's I've had in quite awhile actually had to get her to stop a couple of times or it would have been over quick!! Fantastic tight little body with a nice bum and awesome nipples Daty was super clean and delicious. We flipped around into various positions and I enjoyed them all, she's really a snug fit if ya know what I mean ;). Over all a great time! I woke up from my nap to write is and I'm still pooped!! defo repeat 
and Thank you Kelsey :* 

Dawg - sp411
I went to see Kelsey when she was in Burlington/oakville. One word: yummy! The best I've seen in this part of the woods to date. Highly recommend. Cute, young spinner with the perfect dtf attitude!

Crip - sp411
Bang on review, Dawg. Took the advice offered and had a visit with Kelsey on her last day. Pretty young woman, great skills, cute personality and as mentioned fit like a glove. For me there was something extra special about that aspect of the session. A definite repeat and recommendation. A pleasure to meet you Miss Star.

Puff n' stuff - sp411

Based on the reviews I looked forward to the bbbj skills, wow, for at least half of the hour appointment, knowing it would be hard to last for another 20 minutes with the main event. I agree, very young and very tight. Left a few minutes for a massage which for a small girl, has great hands. Was not going to miss the opportunity, and don't be a stranger. 

Wrecker -sp411

Saw this girl yesterday. Made the arrangements through text easy enough, she was open minded, good communication and made plans. I show up and said I'm outside and she replied "5 minutes" now we all have heard that before and I'm like, great "15 minutes lol" She got back to me in "2 minutes!" Got the room number and up I went.  
Upon seeing her after I walked in the door. WOW! This girl looks young, like seriously 18 kinda young. She says she gets that all the time and people think she looks like a baby and has to show her ID a lot! lol But wow what a cute little thing.  
So we chatted abit, go on the bed with her naked and perky, layed back from a great bbbj, she took her time. A lot of sucking and moaning, deep throating and gagging the more it went on. She sat up and we kissed and I guess made out? She does this thing where she doesn't really let you into her mouth but slips her tongue inside yours for some fun french action. A lot of eye contact, smooth skin. So as she was blowing me I caressed her tits, now these are a great solid B cups high end B cups. And my god are they every perky, like fresh off the line amazing perky young tits.  
Went for some rim and daty, put the cover on and have a great doggie fun and then she rode me to completion while I grabbed those perky tits and grabbed her soft ass.  
I tell you she may look young, feel young, but she's been at this for 2 years. And man, if I had the money I'd be back again today. Damage for a half hour $120 
Nightmearvamp - terb

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