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A little bit more about me

There's no denying the fact that yes I straight up have sorta a nubile look to me, & I'd absolutely love it if this nubile look I have been so blessed to possess lasts another 10 years. LOL

Natural Strawberry Blonde, straight/ natural wavey hair. Porcelain skin tone. Freckles. Few tattoos. 5 '4 feet tall, 120 pounds, 34 c Swedish, Irish + quarter Ukrainian & Norwegain.

I'm an all natural type of girl to be completely honest, I'm not a fan of makeup at all! Especially considering I get really embarrassed when I have to stop a client from leaving with makeup on his face from my skin.

I shave my downstairs... But I get extremely sensitive so I am unable to accommodate a consistently bare shave but it's always kept short.

I understand fully that this isn't everyone's type of style, but it works for me & I'm not the type of lady that tries to be something I am not. But still is no excuse to walk out on appointment because by no means have I misrepresented myself at all. I take careful planning and spaces between appointments in all hopes that everything runs according as expected.

I'm a extremely welcoming type of girl most often, however I will not tolerate a bully & hold no obligations to be nice to someone I feel has disrespected me. I reserve the right to decline an appointment or even specific service. Like anyone I can be ymmv from one person to the next.

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