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I love a Gentleman, who knows how to treat a lady! :)

I love a mature gentle man, who knows how to treat a lady sexually and respectfully!

Age isn't a bother to me, I love older men, age often comes with maturity, such a turn on!

Don't let my young look decieve you, I'm fairly blessed for my age to have such a youthful look, regardless of my current age.

Please remember, I'm a small delicate lady. So trying to pull me around to direct me won't work! If you want me to move or do something else, tell me!

If you don't like how I'm doing something tell me, nothing worse then leading me on thinking you're enjoying something you're really not!

If seeing and escort is something new to you please tell me so we can take things slow.

If you're sensitive & cum easily, it may be better to book an hour or longer so we can go multiple times.

Please no jerking off the day of or day before your appointment, if you do, its highly likely that you will not cum!

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